4 Cousins

Four Cousins is a much-loved South African favourite. Enjoyed wherever friends and family gather and whenever good times turn to great times. Perfect with any meal, picnic, braai or ‘kuier’. TASTING NOTES NATURAL SWEET WHITE A fragrant, sunshine coloured wine with gentle honeysuckle perfume. Flavours of luscious apricots, nougat and rich tropical fruit salad is followed by a soft, lingering finish. NATURAL SWEET RED A fragrant, ruby-red wine with soft rose petal perfume.

John Bannermans

Bannermans is a very old Scottish name; The ‘banner man’ was the king’s standard bearer and they had the honour of carrying his flag into war. Bannermans is one of the few remaining independently owned blended Scotch Whiskies, and is produced by Kensington Distillers & Vintners, in Scotland, just outside Edinburgh. Bannermans is made using a very slow distillation process, which ensures as much copper contact as possible. This creates Bannermans’ beautifully fruity flavours. Bannermans is made using older, more aged malt whisky than other blends.

1960 ROOTZ

Steeped in the power of Nigerian roots, herbs and fruit, 1960 ROOTZ is a herbal bitter liqueur with a bold and authentic taste. Launched on Nigeria’s independence day (1st october), the brand is a a proud celebration of freedom and a salute to those who boldly forge their own destinies. Uniquely blended to perfection with extracts of the finest african grown herbs & roots, 1960 ROOTZ boasts flavours of caramel, fruit, myrrh, star anise, rhubarb, chamomile, thyme and orange. Tasting Notes: Moderately sweet with a light fruity taste, which is balanced by the restrained bitterness typical of a traditional herbal liqueur.

4 Horses

4 Horses is an alcoholic bitters, proudly made in Nigeria and offers Nigerian drinkers a powerful herbal bitters tonic that gives you the get-up-and-go to do the big stuff in life. Drinking 4 Horses herbal bitters gives men the vitality, wellness, energy, and a solution to the aches and pains that hold you back. Its unique taste comes from its 4 key herbal ingredients specially selected for their invigorating properties.