4 Horses is an alcoholic bitters, proudly made in Nigeria and offers Nigerian drinkers a powerful herbal bitters tonic that gives you the get-up-and-go to do the big stuff in life. Drinking 4 Horses herbal bitters gives men the vitality, wellness, energy, and a solution to the aches and pains that hold you back. Its unique taste comes from its 4 key herbal ingredients specially selected for their invigorating properties. Packed with health-giving properties, the unique taste derived from 4 specially selected key herbal ingredients; QuinaQuina, R├ęglisse, Star Anise and Cinnamon. TASTING NOTES The powerful flavour of 4 Horses is pure get-up-and-go in a bottle! Taste the strong, natural flavour of our unique combination of specially selected roots and herbs. How to Enjoy 4 Horses Liqueur Best enjoyed neat or with your favourite mixer!